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Medical support services

CALL NET was established in 2012 and it is based in Voula, Attica.

The company provides its services to the insurance industry locally and abroad as well as to medical providers within Greece.

The company has been founded by individuals with many years of expertise in the provision of administration and customer services to the insurance industry particularly in the health insurance sector.

The services provided by the company focus primarily in the customer service of insurance policy holders through its call center (Inbound & Outbound), claims administration, medical management and tele underwriting. Additionally, we offer claims administration and secretarial support services to medical professionals (Hospitals, Diagnostic centers and doctors).

CALL NET covers a wide spectrum of support services ranging from the provision of general information to policy holders to full claims administration and medical management services.

Solutions & Services

Our expertise, our technology and wide spread networks of medical providers both in Greece and Cyprus allow us to offer the best and most competitive services.

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 +30 216 070 5600

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